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Testing and Inspections.
As the old saying goes; 'prevention is better than cure' and often cheaper to, the same applies to electrical installations of all ages. Electrical inspections often find unexpected problems with electrical installations that may go unnoticed no matter the property type and age.
To this end it is recommended that all electrical installations are inspected regularly or as a planned maintenance regime.
Types of Inspections




If the time comes to sell your home, you may be asked for an electrical installation condition report (EICR). This will detail any defects and action that is required to bring the electrics to an acceptable standard.
As an employer it is a requirement under health and safety to ensure the workplace electrical installation is periodically inspected and a report obtained detailing any remedial action needed to ensure the safety of the electrical installation.
As a landlord it is a legal requirement to have your rental property regularly inspected or on the change of occupancy and a report obtained detailing the condition of the electrical installation. It is also a legal requirement to act upon the recommendations detailed in the EICR certificate.
All counties electrical contractors